Roscoe Dunjee I & II

Roscoe Dunjee Senior Centers I & II are operated by the Church of Christ, which is conveniently located across the street. This is a non-profit endeavor, subsidized by the federal goverment, with the sole purpose of providing excellent housing to low income residents whom are disabled or elderly and received governmental rental assistance.

Roscoe I features 40, 1 bedroom units and Roscoe II features 26, 1 bedroom units. The complex employs full-time, on-site Manager and Maintenance personnel who are friendly, dedicated, and caring individuals. These are independent living communities that are perfect for those a quiet, peaceful place to live as well as an opportunity to socialize with those around you.

Whether or not you or your loved one currently lives in Spencer, Roscoe Dunjee is an excellent place to call home and welcomes all residents and potential residents with open arms.

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Street Address 3711 Elpizo Circle, Suite A
Spencer, OK 73084

Phone Number 405-771-8800

Fax Number 405-771-8801

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