About OPMI

Oklahoma Property Management, Inc. is a family run business that has been in the property management and real estate business since 1968. Originally founded by Paul Scruggs and his son, John Paul Scruggs, it has remained a family oriented and operated company. Many of our on-site personnel have been working with OPMI since the very beginning. All of our personnel receive training in property management by the OPMI staff. Additionally, we provide up-to-date training of the Oklahoma Landlord and Tenant Act as well as HUD rules and regulations. All personnel are given a property specific Management Plan packet, personally written by the experts at OPMI to ensure procedures, policies, laws, and lease terms are adequately followed and enforced. The fair and equal treatment of all applicants, residents, and owners is specifically targeted as a common goal. We have managed all types of commercial and residential property. Our expertise covers all the needs of any property owner, including HUD Section 8 accounting and voucher processing.

Oklahoma Property Management, Inc. agents are specialists in HUD management rules, regulations, and procedures. Our experience ranges from the development to the sales of the properties. We have managed properties utilizing every type of HUD program. OPMI agents are fully trained in preparation for Physical Inspections, such as REACs, as well as Management and Tenant File Reviews to ensure that HUD, federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations are followed and enforced.

Oklahoma Property Management, Inc. maintains a full time staff of bookkeepers, computer operators, attorneys, property managers, and licensed real estate brokers. Our dedicated and well-trained staff ensures that we can handle every aspect of property management that arises, including development, rent up, refinancing, management, and sales. Our personnel also ensure that any question that an applicant, current resident, staff member, or owner may have will be promptly addressed and answered in a professional manner.

We provide honesty, integrity, and proven management ability to the customers we serve. Our positive results are reflected in the numerous successful properties we manage, by owner and resident satisfaction, and high inspection scores with local, state, and federal agencies. Thank you for visiting Oklahoma Property Management, Inc. we hope that you will chose us when selecting a Managing Agent or chose one of our properties when selecting your new home! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Resident Satisfaction

All properties managed by Oklahoma Property Management, Inc. deliver outstanding service to their residents through professional management staff and on-site personnel. Resident Satisfaction is one of the most important duties of property management. Oklahoma Property Management continually trains the on-site personnel in the art of customer satisfaction in order to deliver the best, housing available.

Oklahoma Property Management and our personnel takes great care to protect the rights, interests, and well-being of our tenants to ensure that they can make their rental a home and not just an apartment.

We use the Yardi Classic system for Section 8, Quickbooks for accounting, and are experts in Physical Condition Inspection such as REACs preparation, appeals, and abatement as well as Management and File Reviews.